There's a cardinal outside my window, whose song I constantly hear.He flaps his wings carelessly,As he moves through the wind. The tiny red creature bursts back and forth as it sings;It often sounds,To me,Like he's calling for his Queen. It darts back and forth and up and down,This tiny creature born free.In front of this… Continue reading Cardinal



There is a place in the forest,Deep within it,Where dreams come true and wishes too.In there, magic springs eternal, and nothing ever withers.Each dying leaf nourishes the next, breathing life as it lays down for its final rest.This place, beyond the pines that once held your breath,We've come to love and call our home.This place,Alive… Continue reading OrendA


The Snake and the Precipice

Reaching out from within the tree,The snake slithered closer to me,Yellow with black stripes encircling its body,I felt it gaining on me. But the faster I ran, the bigger it grew.Because, even as a worm,The boy knewThat living inside trees were lives beyond his own,Though never could he have imagined the monsters that could grow.… Continue reading The Snake and the Precipice



These aren't my thoughts anymore.These are delusions in the flesh;Ravings of a lunatic unhinged by bitter and resentful despair.The medicine goes down easy,Administered daily by idle hands.But they're only obeying a contrived mind, which deludes itself in the art of Pretend: "Yes, you are my very best friend." At our highest, this meant till the… Continue reading Poisoned


Centipede, Step Through

Centipede, centipede,Walk through the night.When you find your crevice,You’ll feel all right. Centipede, centipede, Abandon your flight;Step beyond the crevice,And see that there’s light! Outside and yonder, You’ll fear for your life;Just find the right rhythm,And you’ll Become the Night! So crawl, never surrender,Slither through, just don't hide;Forget the venom, never tender,Always Resist. Press on. Defy!



The moment hung thick in the air,Like morose memories. "How could I have been so stupid?" Waiting turned,And a rotten carcass was all that was left. "And why didn't you come?" In the end, the chair was left empty in the middle of the room;Would I have sat,Dear,I fear we both would have disappeared. So… Continue reading Validation


Forever, Sky

I was lost in flatlands where the buffalo once roamed --The Plains the Cree call Home --And it was then that I watched my spirit soar. Ravenous,A desire to be free moved through me;"Wildflowers,"I thought,"My heart belongs to thee!" So cupped in my hand,I held an ancestral past,Wanting -Nay, Desiring! -This moment eternal would last.… Continue reading Forever, Sky

Stranger Than Fiction

The Time I Swam With Talking Geese: How I Learned to Seize the Moment

When I woke up from my slumber, I first saw her eyes shining like two pearls in the sky and looking at me with love and warmth. I held her gaze for as long as I could, until the tears that had begun to form in my eyes forced me to blink. When I reopened… Continue reading The Time I Swam With Talking Geese: How I Learned to Seize the Moment