There is a place in the forest,
Deep within it,
Where dreams come true and wishes too.
In there, magic springs eternal, and nothing ever withers.
Each dying leaf nourishes the next, breathing life as it lays down for its final rest.
This place, beyond the pines that once held your breath,
We’ve come to love and call our home.
This place,
Alive and pulsing eternal,
They call Everlasting Orenda.

And bathed in Orenda,
Cleansed, I now remember You.

And there was a time in a forgotten past,
Long before you found me at the park,
When Orenda existed,
Like a Lighthouse to the wandering boats that had sailed too far,
Into waters that cleansed but mercilessly forgot:
Orenda, it was always said,
Cleansed the soul of its awful lot,
But not without suffering first
The loss of vicious thoughts.

And bathed in Orenda,
Cleansed, I still Feel You.

Away from Orenda, the forest decays with the passing days,
For she breathes life, dances and sways.
Lovely Orenda:
You’ll always brighten my days.

There is a place, deep in the forest, where dreams come true.
We call her Orenda:
The poetry that was You.

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