PUBLISHED - WRITE - ESSAY PAGEThroughout the years, I have written my share of decent essays for various classes, and about various topics. I usually enjoyed researching and writing the essay. It allowed me to expose so much of what I had in my head, which I seldom liked to do in class discussions or public forums. So, naturally, I took to writing, and the essay became a sort of sanctuary because it had to be so long — from 10 – 30 pages by the end of my undergrad, and because it allowed me to explore topics I was already interested in — namely international politics — and write about it. The only thing I hated, and which was a problem of mine, not the essay-writing process, was that I’d procrastinate and waste a lot of time. That’s why many of these might be light years from perfection, in which case it’s the content that’s important.

As with everything, they range in quality, but I thought it might be worth to share some of them.

One of the many reasons I like to read old essays is to look at the progression in both style and content. It’s by reading old stuff that we can transport ourselves to past times and see ourselves exactly as we were then, not as we remember ourselves being. And as we read through a series of these as pieces of a puzzle that continuously builds on itself over time, the evolution in our own character and personality is evident; it jumps out of the page, and we are able to see how one idea built on the last one, filling the puzzle, though nowhere near its end. It’s always a learning opportunity.


The essays are in their Final Version for submission. Whatever revisions, edits and comments the professors/editors made, have not been incorporated.

Anyway, it might take some time to go through and find all the essays worth posting up, but I’ll try to finish that task sooner or later.

All feedback and discussion is welcomed and encouraged as always.



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