IMG_20131127_133933Some of the multimedia works I’ve put together.



Gustafsen Lake’s Exiled

The 1995 Gustafsen Lake standoff was one of the most significant conflicts between Indigenous people and the Canadian state. Over 400 RCMP officers used helicopters, armoured personnel carriers and fired over 70,000 rounds of ammunition at the Indigenous land defenders over the 30 day siege. As Indigenous people involved in the conflict issue renewed calls for the Canadian government to hold an inquiry on the standoff, RPM correspondent Fernando Arce speaks with James Pitawanakwat who was exiled as a result of the conflict and Kanahus Manuel, communications spokesperson for the Ts’Peten Defence Committee.

Summer 2013

In this five minute interview, I speak with Mike about the Old East Village Cultural and Community Development Initiative. It was a program seeking to establish a consumer cooperative in the Old East neighbourhood in London, where all members would have equal “access to a resource library.” It was one of my first live interviews at the beginning of the program, in the summer of 2013. I’ve come a long way since…


This is the first video I ever put together…in my life! It was near the end of the summer term. It’s a neat story about the Creative Sidewalk Project — an initiative to bring the community together in the Old East Village area in London, Ont. I enjoyed working on it a lot! I usually hate going in front of the camera, but I felt more excited than nervous doing it in this story. I owe a lot to Mike Furlong and Sindhu Dharma. They both helped immensely with the filming and editing!

Fall 2013

This is the first documentary I recorded in the fall of 2013. It was during the second trimester. I ran into a few difficulties with this story, and I had to rush the editing a great deal in order to make deadline. I was a little more experienced, so I think in the end it was a decent job. Of course, as always, far from perfect. It’s a nice story about Jordan Hilkowitz, an 11 year old kid with autism who’s practically launched himself into super-stardom. Take a look at his page:


And this is the last video I produced at the end of the fall trimester. It’s about Peipei — one of the bravest people I’ve met. She picked up her bags from China and decided to move here to study…and to live!


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