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Rant: “Against A Souless City’s Attack on the Homeless” (unedited)

wowwww.....These soulless motherfxcukers.....there are so many good people in that area that are only asking for help, and now these scumbags are rummaging through their few belongings and destroying everything...If they can't find the money, desire or heart to help, why the F*CK can't they at least stop making people's lives worse?!?!?! Scumsuckers!


My Unexpected Muse (Taken by the Heavy Fog)

Years ago, I came upon an unexpected muse.  She stood there, across the sea, singing songs of Revolution as her soul cried out for freedom.  Had I wings, I'd have fought the seven seas to get there and hear her roar. Then one day, amidst the Heavy Fog, I could hear her no more. I… Continue reading My Unexpected Muse (Taken by the Heavy Fog)


Rant: “Enraged Patriarchy” (Spanish)

Que se jodan todos estos chingados machistas, violentos hijos de SU MALDISIMA MADRE, los que nos han causado tanto maldito dolor.....que se joda su orgullo y su decadente apellido ....que se olviden de respeto y compacion alguna hacia ellos....que cada HDP que se crea más que el otro, que piensa tener autoridad -- que ese… Continue reading Rant: “Enraged Patriarchy” (Spanish)