An Ode to Resistance

And it happened that as I was walking down the winding concrete road,
The one that, like the Throbbing, Unwanted and Unrepentant Fist,
Penetrates the Dancing Forest, 
I became aware of this peculiar sensation;
A heightened sense of things;
A special sensitivity to the light and the colours and the sounds all around me;
A new insight into the life that now seemed to glow through me.
The colours of the flowers and trees and plants had all gained a new radiance,
And their sweet aroma, concentrated and powerful, infused the entire Forest
With an overwhelmingly wild scent that led me from inside, and which felt like being in Love.
The wind itself had gained new bravado – whistling and dancing was he, like a hurricane!
And the birds – the birds were the most alive of all!
I could no longer simply hear their song, but I could understand it!
Their clamours were loud and clear, and the orchestra they put together was not mere song
But and Ode –
An Ode to Resistance.

So it was then, as I walked through this here Violated Forest before me,
That I understood what these Trees and Plants were all doing:
Resisting not only the passage and weight of time,
Which destroys as well as creates,
But seldom does it ever allow anything to remain the same;
But these fellows here,
Tall and Strong,
Stoic and Quiet to a Fault,
Were not merely Withstanding Time,
Like the Irritable Son who beckons dignified rage,
They Resisted much more.
The mere presence of the Grass that remained,
Like leftovers on a plate,
To the Sides of the Concrete Road…
But It remained.
The mere presence of the flowers,
That despite the wind’s seductive though destructive dance,
Stood rooted in their ground,
And they, too, remained.
The mere presence of all this Life,
Was a testament to Its Own Will,
To the Steak that Life had Planted in This Here Fertile Ground,
In order to Resist:

To Resist the idea that the concrete roads that penetrate the Forests,
And the motorized vehicles that suffocate the Skies,
And the brick houses that uniformly break the Horizon,
Are all signs of progress;
Of development;
Of Growth.

So it happened, as I walked through this here Derelict yet Vibrant Forest,
That the colours and smells and sounds of Life
Passed in and through me,
Carrying me along, safely and resolutely,
With New Eyes and a Warmed Heart,
To the end of This Here Concrete Road