At the Bottom of the Sea

“I found you at the bottom of the sea.
And to pull you out, I drowned myself in misery”


…And so it was that one lonely April spring, the World became aware of the Bottom of the Sea, and as it went exploring, it found down there the Shiniest Blue Pearls trapped under its enormity.

Oh, the World’s pride and envy they were! Everyone wanted them for themselves, for the coveted stones were the Bluest things any living soul could ever hope to see.

The history and origins of the pearls were not completely known, however.

Some said they were vestiges of a World’s past, when the Waters and Skies kissed forever like Lovers do when they know it will be their last. Others said they could not be of this world, for their colour and beauty defied absolutely everything it had known — indeed, it was thought they had the power to revolutionize our every notion, beginning with that of Love!

 Either way, what was known for certain beyond all ‘lore, was that the Pearls were something it had grown to adore. It was a slave to its power — to its very core! And every minute it couldn’t possess the Bluest Pearls it had come to know, it shed tears like a rivers’ raging galore.

So to pull them out became the world’s goal. Day and night it plotted on how to pull them out — to own and to covet with its greedy heart, which at the worst could blacken even the purest of stars! Oh, how it wanted them just for itself, believing them to be the thing that would propel its lonesome self away from its living hell and, perhaps, change its life — cell by dying cell.

And the world wept with anticipation and was giddy with laughter when, on a cold night standing by the shore of its consciousness, it decided that it was finally time for action.

“No more distractions,” it thought to itself. “Every minute that passes my soul is fractioned!”

And it was so that the world chased its Blue Pearls which could only ever live at the very bottom of the sea — choosing to drown itself in its own misery but aware — keenly aware — of the rarity of this gift.

So down it went, to the bottom of the sea, chasing dreams it knew deep in its core could never really be.