File under random: everyone sleeps

Everyone sleeps — stolen by the night’s eerie silence…

The night assaults you, because it’s dead quiet…and in that death — in that depth — you can hear everything you wish you didn’t:

There is Remorse, grappled by vomit and blood and pain and everything else that your body rejects…And it’s not even yours….It’s a body far away, in the distance, which hoped would be hidden by the night and its silence and its loneliness — in a moment which they assumed private, but which betrayed them despite the tears and the pleading….The night now sounds like our enemy: unable to take us in, and hostile to our peace.

What happens in the dark, that turns us inside out?

As the dark takes over, some of us stand here in deep silence and concentration, trying to figure out what it is that occurred before we got here. How had the day gotten so dark? It surely wasn’t the weather, because the sun shone despite each one of us….

So I’m left wondering here, at 3:30 in the morning (actually 3:21 right now)….what it is that all this means? And why should anyone read it? No reason…except that the same night assaults us all…And that the howls in the distance, are actually closer than we’d like them to be….