For my Deer Momma

here’s Mother Deer, with the little fawns riding shotgun, on the highway of Love.

Foraging for sustenance, so the little ones can enjoy,
Their time as little ones – The Endless Forest as their Toys.

Against the Bears and the Swooping Scavengers, Mother Deer bears her Soul;
Along with killer teeth, muscle-bound kickers and the will to see her little ones Ride On –
Perhaps toward the Open Country, or even towards the Sunless City,
But toward anywhere the calves envisioned, was Deer Mother’s life committed.

Then one day, as Mother Deer slept – her soul and body sore from the Battle Of Life – the fawns, now grown up – Bulls onto themselves! — did bring back the gift of Time:

More Time for Mother Deer to smile and run;
To be free once again, and frolic in the Sun.
And as Mother Deer galloped and jumped – stricken joyful by the sight of her Sons —
They presented her the best gift under the Stars:

Her soul and whimsy eternalized – etched in the Forest’s Beating Heart.