Real Moments of lucidity and insight only seem to now come in other ephemeral moments wrapped in cellophane and made in a haste, without hesitation and therefore without the chance for disappointment…though perhaps not the chance for greatness, either.

They are moments made for and in the short-term only, not for the long run, though they seem to last forever, like the first kiss of a beautiful girl, which seems to linger in your lips for days after she disappears. They are moments that seem to give me strength, but which never actually speak to me. Moments which in the end leave me more jaded and hurt in all the ways possible – spiritually, physically and mentally – though I cherish their power to move, even if for just a little while, as we see the day disappear in the distance, with the sun coming to what appears to be an infinite end.

And so, I wonder, in the middle of the night and the dark, while all sleep and I tremble: Are the Beauty and the Serenity of these Moments what allow me to sleep at night, in one calm breath and dream? Or is it the lack of these Powerful though Ephemeral Moments that keep us wide awake?