The Snake and the Precipice

Reaching out from within the tree,The snake slithered closer to me,Yellow with black stripes encircling its body,I felt it gaining on me. But the faster I ran, the bigger it grew.Because, even as a worm,The boy knewThat living inside trees were lives beyond his own,Though never could he have imagined the monsters that could grow.… Continue reading The Snake and the Precipice



I was walking alone in the Forest of Memories, where forgotten dreams hover like fireflies. There, I stumbled onto a Beating Heart. As I picked it up, I came to realize how shattered it was; a million pieces beating as one. It felt fragile to my touch; tender in my shy hands. "Why all the… Continue reading Shattered

Stranger Than Fiction

The Mouse in the Napkin

A big Rottweiler came running up the hill straight towards my partner and I, ruffling the brown, orange and yellow leaves that covered the ground, which indicated it was autumn. Its jaws were parted open displaying two sharp rows of teeth, its tongue sticking out and flapping up and down like his tiny ears, drool… Continue reading The Mouse in the Napkin

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Dreamless (first draft)

...Originally written in 2012 but never published. This is an unedited version... ****** In a not so distant future, dreaming has been eradicated by Humans.  It is believed that dreaming caused distractions in our conscious moments, because we pursue those “pipe-dreams” instead of focusing on the tangible and present work; that instead of increasing our… Continue reading Dreamless (first draft)