There's a cardinal outside my window, whose song I constantly hear.He flaps his wings carelessly,As he moves through the wind. The tiny red creature bursts back and forth as it sings;It often sounds,To me,Like he's calling for his Queen. It darts back and forth and up and down,This tiny creature born free.In front of this… Continue reading Cardinal


Early Birds

Here, in the trenches of desire, the birds sing loudest. It's almost deafening, their incessant secret communications. What could they be saying to each other? Especially at this ungodly hour? It's curious that at this time, the little winged creatures and their orchestrated song sound more like warning alarms telling you to get out. It's… Continue reading Early Birds

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Dreamless (first draft)

...Originally written in 2012 but never published. This is an unedited version... ****** In a not so distant future, dreaming has been eradicated by Humans.  It is believed that dreaming caused distractions in our conscious moments, because we pursue those “pipe-dreams” instead of focusing on the tangible and present work; that instead of increasing our… Continue reading Dreamless (first draft)


An Ode to Resistance

And it happened that as I was walking down the winding concrete road, The one that, like the Throbbing, Unwanted and Unrepentant Fist, Penetrates the Dancing Forest, I became aware of this peculiar sensation; A heightened sense of things; A special sensitivity to the light and the colours and the sounds all around me; A… Continue reading An Ode to Resistance

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Blue Pearls

Shining, they were, in the Ocean, sparkling in the Sun, Escaping their slavery -- their residence beneath the sand. Then Clutched into Emerald by the Pressures of Time; And tightly held together by the Ephemeral Mind. Then raised onto the Ether by Poets of Stride, Whose Words run Freely, Miles Above Mine. To finally be… Continue reading Blue Pearls