There is a place in the forest,Deep within it,Where dreams come true and wishes too.In there, magic springs eternal, and nothing ever withers.Each dying leaf nourishes the next, breathing life as it lays down for its final rest.This place, beyond the pines that once held your breath,We've come to love and call our home.This place,Alive… Continue reading OrendA


The Snake and the Precipice

Reaching out from within the tree,The snake slithered closer to me,Yellow with black stripes encircling its body,I felt it gaining on me. But the faster I ran, the bigger it grew.Because, even as a worm,The boy knewThat living inside trees were lives beyond his own,Though never could he have imagined the monsters that could grow.… Continue reading The Snake and the Precipice



These aren't my thoughts anymore.These are delusions in the flesh;Ravings of a lunatic unhinged by bitter and resentful despair.The medicine goes down easy,Administered daily by idle hands.But they're only obeying a contrived mind, which deludes itself in the art of Pretend: "Yes, you are my very best friend." At our highest, this meant till the… Continue reading Poisoned


At the Bottom of the Sea

“I found you at the bottom of the sea.And to pull you out, I drowned myself in misery” *** …And so it was that one lonely April spring, the World became aware of the Bottom of the Sea, and as it went exploring, it found down there the Shiniest Blue Pearls trapped under its enormity.… Continue reading At the Bottom of the Sea


That Place Beyond The Pines

Where have you gone?To that place Beyond the Pines?That place where we can't see the Emerald Mines? I wonder where you sit,Or if perhaps you’re out at Sea? I wonder if the earth has swallowed you whole,Like that time our hearts ran away together in an uncontrollable fit of love! I find myself at a… Continue reading That Place Beyond The Pines



I was walking alone in the Forest of Memories, where forgotten dreams hover like fireflies. There, I stumbled onto a Beating Heart. As I picked it up, I came to realize how shattered it was; a million pieces beating as one. It felt fragile to my touch; tender in my shy hands. "Why all the… Continue reading Shattered

Stranger Than Fiction

The Mouse in the Napkin

A big Rottweiler came running up the hill straight towards my partner and I, ruffling the brown, orange and yellow leaves that covered the ground, which indicated it was autumn. Its jaws were parted open displaying two sharp rows of teeth, its tongue sticking out and flapping up and down like his tiny ears, drool… Continue reading The Mouse in the Napkin

Art, Poetry

Blue Pearls

Shining, they were, in the Ocean, sparkling in the Sun, Escaping their slavery -- their residence beneath the sand. Then Clutched into Emerald by the Pressures of Time; And tightly held together by the Ephemeral Mind. Then raised onto the Ether by Poets of Stride, Whose Words run Freely, Miles Above Mine. To finally be… Continue reading Blue Pearls

Art, Poetry

For My Deer Momma:

There's Mother Deer, with the little fawns riding shotgun, on the highway of Love. Foraging for sustenance, so the little ones can enjoy, Their time as little ones - The Endless Forest as their Toys. Against the Bears and the Swooping Scavengers, Mother Deer bears her Soul; Along with killer teeth, muscle-bound kickers and the… Continue reading For My Deer Momma:


Wings of Fire

In a few days she'll be back, wrapped inside a thunderstorm and with wings made of fire. She'll visit me in that garden where we first met -- under the tree with no name and leaves heavy with iron. And together we'll drink the venom that bleeds from the tree, and which turns Eden into… Continue reading Wings of Fire