The Snake and the Precipice

Reaching out from within the tree,The snake slithered closer to me,Yellow with black stripes encircling its body,I felt it gaining on me. But the faster I ran, the bigger it grew.Because, even as a worm,The boy knewThat living inside trees were lives beyond his own,Though never could he have imagined the monsters that could grow.… Continue reading The Snake and the Precipice


Forever, Sky

I was lost in flatlands where the buffalo once roamed --The Plains the Cree call Home --And it was then that I watched my spirit soar. Ravenous,A desire to be free moved through me;"Wildflowers,"I thought,"My heart belongs to thee!" So cupped in my hand,I held an ancestral past,Wanting -Nay, Desiring! -This moment eternal would last.… Continue reading Forever, Sky

Stranger Than Fiction

The Time I Swam With Talking Geese: How I Learned to Seize the Moment

When I woke up from my slumber, I first saw her eyes shining like two pearls in the sky and looking at me with love and warmth. I held her gaze for as long as I could, until the tears that had begun to form in my eyes forced me to blink. When I reopened… Continue reading The Time I Swam With Talking Geese: How I Learned to Seize the Moment


That Place Beyond The Pines

Where have you gone?To that place Beyond the Pines?That place where we can't see the Emerald Mines? I wonder where you sit,Or if perhaps you’re out at Sea? I wonder if the earth has swallowed you whole,Like that time our hearts ran away together in an uncontrollable fit of love! I find myself at a… Continue reading That Place Beyond The Pines


Early Birds

Here, in the trenches of desire, the birds sing loudest. It's almost deafening, their incessant secret communications. What could they be saying to each other? Especially at this ungodly hour? It's curious that at this time, the little winged creatures and their orchestrated song sound more like warning alarms telling you to get out. It's… Continue reading Early Birds


Entry 1 – Finding Meaning Again

I was at the park with the dogs, walking and thinking to myself and, as often happens, I pondered about my current situation.  Also as often happens, I came to some conclusions about what I need to do or how I need to go about it in order to make some things happen. I guess… Continue reading Entry 1 – Finding Meaning Again

Stranger Than Fiction

The Mouse in the Napkin

A big Rottweiler came running up the hill straight towards my partner and I, ruffling the brown, orange and yellow leaves that covered the ground, which indicated it was autumn. Its jaws were parted open displaying two sharp rows of teeth, its tongue sticking out and flapping up and down like his tiny ears, drool… Continue reading The Mouse in the Napkin


Wolves & Butterflies (The Blue Butterfly: Part 2)

I saw a butterfly and asked for its name. Instead, this is the answer I got on that fateful day: "I was thrown to the Wolves in 1988, In an immaculate forest where the Jaguar Reigns. But I was not a wolf, such as they were. No. I was covered in slime and lacked the… Continue reading Wolves & Butterflies (The Blue Butterfly: Part 2)

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The Blue Butterfly (Part 1)

In an effort to reinvent himself, he pried wings made of fire from his old, rotting corpse.... And in a bid of defiance - fists onto the air - he posed for the Cyclops near him... Blue flames emanating from his back, He turned around slowly, Showing his full self: Unafraid and Free.... Then in… Continue reading The Blue Butterfly (Part 1)