There is a place in the forest,Deep within it,Where dreams come true and wishes too.In there, magic springs eternal, and nothing ever withers.Each dying leaf nourishes the next, breathing life as it lays down for its final rest.This place, beyond the pines that once held your breath,We've come to love and call our home.This place,Alive… Continue reading OrendA



These aren't my thoughts anymore.These are delusions in the flesh;Ravings of a lunatic unhinged by bitter and resentful despair.The medicine goes down easy,Administered daily by idle hands.But they're only obeying a contrived mind, which deludes itself in the art of Pretend: "Yes, you are my very best friend." At our highest, this meant till the… Continue reading Poisoned


That Place Beyond The Pines

Where have you gone?To that place Beyond the Pines?That place where we can't see the Emerald Mines? I wonder where you sit,Or if perhaps you’re out at Sea? I wonder if the earth has swallowed you whole,Like that time our hearts ran away together in an uncontrollable fit of love! I find myself at a… Continue reading That Place Beyond The Pines


An Ode to Resistance

And it happened that as I was walking down the winding concrete road, The one that, like the Throbbing, Unwanted and Unrepentant Fist, Penetrates the Dancing Forest, I became aware of this peculiar sensation; A heightened sense of things; A special sensitivity to the light and the colours and the sounds all around me; A… Continue reading An Ode to Resistance

Art, Poetry

Spilling Through

It's happened before -- when the words spilled through! But only twice -- when I wasn't really sure.   So I have to get them out - depressurize my head; Or whatever part of me is raising the dead. So as to be sure it's not only a Daze, Led by the Impact that Poison… Continue reading Spilling Through

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Blue Pearls

Shining, they were, in the Ocean, sparkling in the Sun, Escaping their slavery -- their residence beneath the sand. Then Clutched into Emerald by the Pressures of Time; And tightly held together by the Ephemeral Mind. Then raised onto the Ether by Poets of Stride, Whose Words run Freely, Miles Above Mine. To finally be… Continue reading Blue Pearls

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Amada Madre Ciervo:

Por ahí va Madre Ciervo, con sus pequeños al frente, en la Autopista Del Amor. En busca de alimento va ella, para que de su Tiempo disfruten sus venaditos - Disfruten el Bosque Eterno y para que de sus frutos se hagan dueños. Luego, contra Osos y Caimanes, enfrenta Madre Ciervo su Alma valiente -… Continue reading Amada Madre Ciervo:



Originally written between 2013-2014. *** Real Moments of lucidity and insight only seem to now come in other ephemeral moments wrapped in cellophane and made in a haste, without hesitation and therefore without the chance for disappointment...though perhaps not the chance for greatness, either. They are moments made for and in the short-term only, not… Continue reading MOMENTS



This is an album by d'bi.young anitafrika, an all-around dub-step poet, artist, leader...She's been around the world planting seeds, helping young artists find their voice. She's the director of the Watah School of arts in Toronto, where young artists work to expose social issues through hard-hitting art, aimed "at the holistic self- actualization towards community… Continue reading 333