The Snake and the Precipice

Reaching out from within the tree,The snake slithered closer to me,Yellow with black stripes encircling its body,I felt it gaining on me. But the faster I ran, the bigger it grew.Because, even as a worm,The boy knewThat living inside trees were lives beyond his own,Though never could he have imagined the monsters that could grow.… Continue reading The Snake and the Precipice

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Defending the Bolivarian Revolution, one commune at a time

This story was first published by rabble.ca on March 27, 2019 In Venezuela, socialist communes play a key role in the production and distribution of food directly to families as hyperinflation, price speculation and illegal U.S. and Canadian sanctions limit access to many necessities. In the wake of Juan Guaido's unconstitutional self-proclamation as president, communes… Continue reading Defending the Bolivarian Revolution, one commune at a time

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Canada: The Empire’s Shadowy Cousin

This article was first published by The Media Coop on Feb. 3, 2019 The decision from Global Affairs Canada to recognize an un-elected, unconstitutionally self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela came “within minutes” of Juan Guaido’s  declaration on Jan. 23, the CBC reports. A mere two weeks after the inauguration of democratically-elected Nicolas Maduro, Guaido, a little-known politician heading Venezuela’s… Continue reading Canada: The Empire’s Shadowy Cousin

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Understanding the Indigenous Vote

Throughout this long-winded electoral campaign culminating today, Oct.19, leaders from the three main federal parties have paid little to no attention to indigenous people and the issues they face. From lack of access to clean water, to the more than 1,000 missing and murdered indigenous women, the issues affecting the Original Peoples of this land… Continue reading Understanding the Indigenous Vote

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What Keeps a Revolution Going?

The distinct scent of tobacco burning in a wooden pipe filled the small living room where we sat, which was adorned with life-sized art hanging from the walls and traditional Latin-American memorabilia scattered about. The smoke came in from the adjacent balcony to the right, where a young man and woman talked under a starless,… Continue reading What Keeps a Revolution Going?


Socialism Reaches the U.S.: Kshama Sawant

I remember thinking at some point in time, while I wrote or said something in the same way I'm doing it now -- off the cuff and improvising most of it -- that the political state of things  was changing in real and tangible ways. Whomever I was with at the moment reminded me that… Continue reading Socialism Reaches the U.S.: Kshama Sawant